23 thoughts on “Her Words

      1. lol no really, I was totally this girl a couple months ago. Almost the same rhetoric and everything. I was absolutely frustrated with men and didn’t think it was possible for me to even be in another relationship again. I have received peace since then and I no longer rack my brain trying to imagine if this man is possible but instead rest in God that he will come in His timing. I’m chilling now, lol literally in my singleness and I am finally content with that.

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      1. Same here! I’ll be back on Instagram in a couple weeks, I’ll follow you and feel free to follow me back. I share a lot of my short stories on there. My content usually makes it there before my blog.

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      2. Kinda sorta but that’s the gist of it. I’ve been going through a season of transparency like complete transparency and that is completely out my comfort zone. I’m usually pretty darn low key but I have been required to share my stories and this healing journey. God gave me 21 days to myself, to reconnect with Him and to have privacy but I must be productive. Lol and I’m absolutely enjoying this time to myself with no distractions such as tuning into other people’s lives lol.

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