Friend Zone by Bernensky Pierre (2014)

He lived in that zone for so long that everybody knew who he was. He was considered as a good friend and only that. The zone’s zip code was “0+1” and the name of the city was “Desolation”. He did his best to expound himself from that zone which she placed him in, but he always found himself circling back to where he started. She had many names in the eyes of many guys. Some named her “Sexy”, others named her “Beautiful”, but he named her “Honeycomb”. Honeycomb, the name derived from his mouth to name her was a very fitting name. She had a rich brown-skinned tone that resembled honey and her long black luscious hair was always straightly combed. She was all three names in a nutshell, more like in a fortune cookie. She was the girl that he wanted, believing that they could be compatible. But she didn’t see it that way because she loved the relationship that they had. She viewed him as a cute little puppy, sometimes like a brother she never had, but never like a boyfriend. He coveted for a more meaningful relationship and was despondent with living in a zone where there was no love, benefits, luxuries, and fun. Despite her rejection, he continued his mission to move into her zone, which was her heart by sending letters, text messages, calls, e-mails, and even going to her home unannounced. Sadly, his attempts failed and he resided in that zone forever. Her final rejection was trauma to his psyche; it lingered in his mind like reliving a nightmare. Her final words were, “I can’t love you like you’re my boyfriend because you’re just a friend, more like a brother.”

January 2014